Friday, March 8

7:40 am - Practice Begins

10:50 am - Practice Ends

11:00 am - All Teams Pre-Event Meeting

Noon - Opening Ceremonies

1:00 pm - Draw 1a - Pool A and B

North Dakota State vs. Colgate

SUNY-Poly vs. Harvard

Minnesota vs. Oklahoma

MIT vs. Bowdoin

4:30 pm - Draw 1b - Pool C and D

Wisconsin - Stevens Point vs. Yale

RIT vs. Hamilton

St Norbert vs. Nebraska

RPI vs. Syracuse

8:00 pm - Draw 2a - Pool A and B

Minnesota vs. Oklahoma

MIT vs. Colgate

North Dakota State vs. Bowdoin

SUNY-Poly vs. Harvard

Saturday, March 9

8:30 am - Draw 2b - Pool C and D

RPI vs. Yale

RIT vs. Nebraska

St Norbert vs. Hamilton

Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Noon - Draw 3a - Pool A and B

Oklahoma vs. Harvard

SUNY-Polyvs. Minnesota

North Dakota State vs. MIT

Bowdoin vs. Colgate

3:30 pm - Draw 3b - Pool C and D

Nebraska vs. Hamilton

RIT vs. St Norbert

Wisconsin - Stevens Point vs. RPI

Syracuse vs. Yale

7:30 pm - Tie-Breaker Games

Sunday, March 10

 8:30 am - Quarterfinals - Championship Bracket

Noon - Quarterfinals - Consolation Bracket

3:30 pm - Semifinals - Both Brackets

7:30 pm - Finals and 3rd Place Games - Both Brackets

Immediately Following the Finals - Awards Ceremony

*Note - Practice for all games begins 30 minutes before the start of the draw scheduled times.